Elder Wee


Dear friends and partners,

On behalf of the leadership of the church, we welcome you and your family to the ministry and Worship Sunday Service of City Missions Church.

The church was birthed by the Holy Spirit in 1995 with the vision to call and challenge ordinary marketplace believers, professionals and entrepreneurs for the tasks of world evangelization and city revival. In obedience to this great call and commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, ministry teams were sent all over Asia, Central Asia, Bible Lands, Russia and beyond. Ministry projects, leaders’ seminar and conferences, evangelistic healing meetings, social projects, church planting programs were implemented and funded working with ‘national leaders to reach nationals.’ We developed and supported strategic church planting programs in many nations: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Central Asia, Bible Lands, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar and other unreached nations.

As a New Testament marketplace church, our Lord has called ordinary believers to live and walk in kingdom authority, power and supernatural faith dimension. Hence, God is raising and restoring His supernatural Kingdom Church of Spirit empowered believers and ministers. Our Lord is calling and building His ‘Dream Church’ to transform, spiritually impact and revive Cities and Nations! Matthew 16:18-20; Matthew 28: 18-20; Mark 16:15-20; Matthew 24:14; Psalm 2:8, Acts 1:8.

City Missions leaders were raised through the marketplace Holy Spirit revival movement which began in our city in the 1980s. Marketplace believers filled with the Holy Spirit and disciple with God’s Word became empowered to witness their faith for Christ. In the workplace the Name of Christ was preached and glorified. Hence, we are called as a revival city church, called to pray and intercede for Holy Spirit visitation, revival and blessing for our beloved ‘Lion of Judah City- Singapura’.

Welcome to Christ’s Kingdom Church! We invite your ministry partnership to become anointed ‘Warriors & Disciples of the Kingdom’. Preach Jesus! God bless!


Wee Tiong Howe

Senior Apostolic Elder