Kids Ministry

Our vision at City Missions Kids’ Ministry is to equip, empower and activate children to advance the kingdom of God. It is our earnest desire to partner God in building children with a perspective of the kingdom of God, with a strong foundation in the Word of God, who know Him and have encountered Him, and who adores Him through a life surrendered.

With this vision in mind, we hope to partner with parents to raise children to be godly and that they will grow and mature to be lifelong disciples for Jesus Christ to advance the kingdom of God. Our teachers and leaders are passionate to lay the foundation of the Word of God, and to demonstrate our love and determination to nurture and prepare a generation of Spirit-filled children,that God will use to bring transformation to individuals and cultures for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Our five-fold goals at City Missions Kids’ ministry are:

Adore To train children to know God and worship Him

Build To equip children with the Word of God and empower them with the Holy Spirit Care

To care for the needs of children and their family Disciple

To disciple them to grow in Christ and grow to be future leaders

Evangelize To train them to witness for Christ.

Please note the place and time of City Mission Kids’ ministry.

Day: Sundays

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Place: CT Hub – CMK Room (#11-05)