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Marketplace Leadership Institute Ltd

Our Philosophy

Marketplace Bible Institute Ltd exists for the purpose of equipping men and women in the marketplace to become anointed and competent ministers through a Bible School mentoring programme.

Studies on adult learning (andragogy) have shown that adults learn differently from children (pedagogy). Despite that, the lecture style of instruction (based on pedagogy) still remains the norm for instruction. While not doing away with lectures, MBI believes that the students have a part to play in their acquisition of knowledge and skills. Therefore, other forms of instruction eg mentoring, case studies, interactive groupwork etc will also be introduced.

MBI believes that students should be responsible for their own studies. As such class time will be reduced and more self-study done. Instructors will provide notes and references for these self-study. If the student enrolled in the CLTI is taking the course for credit, he or she is expected to sit for examinations at the end of the course. Academic standards will not be any lower because of the mode of instruction. These examinations are therefore set at college level. For the students enrolled in the Marketplace Track, other forms of assessment may take the place of examinations.

Our emphasis for the marketplace track will be on relevant issues led courses coupled with core biblical and theological modules. Existing accreditation standards emphasize on-site instruction, academic standing of instructors and size of the school’s library. Due to our radical delivery system, our intention not to build a large library and our occasional use of proven ministers in the field who may not have the requisite theological qualifications, we will not be seeking traditional accreditation for the marketplace track.

Although our primary focus is on equipping marketplace people, those in part-time or full-time ministry or who are seeking an accredited programme will benefit from the CLTI Track.

Marketplace Leadership Institute Ltd

Offer a balance of biblical and theological study, with a focus on contemporary issues. To cater to the time constraints of the busy marketplace minister, a greater emphasis is placed on self-study, with classroom time devoted to teaching, clarification and impartation.

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