Men Ministry

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."

Ecclesiastes 12:13, NKJV

Who we are

The Men Ministry is a dedicated platform designed to empower men to embrace their roles as leaders, husbands, fathers, and community members. The Ministry places significant emphasis on strengthening marriages and families. Recognizing the vital role that men play in these relationships, the ministry provides resources, counseling, and mentoring to help men build strong, healthy, and God-centered families.  

What we believe

We believe as King Solomon in the last verse of his writing in Ecclesiastes that the reverent fear of God and to keep his commandments encapsulate the whole duty of man. When man fears God, he will become all that God has intended for him as Godly wisdom is the beginning of wisdom and understanding. 

What we do

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, men face unique challenges and responsibilities. To address these needs, the Ministry provides support, guidance, and opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development.  By fostering fellowship, education, and spiritual engagement, we strive to equip men with the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges and fulfill their God-given potential. By emphasizing servant leadership, humility, and stewardship, we seek to instill qualities that promote positive change and influence in various stages of life.


Our experiences in Christ

Genuine and Deep Fellowship

Kelvin Tan

My Testimony

I wanted to be in a community where I can share freely about my struggles as a man. I believe that my brothers in Christ will be able to encourage & equip me. Indeed, attending the ministry increases my understanding of the role of men. I have also learnt about how to deal with struggles and problems that address my needs. I would highly recommend men to join our Men ministry, as it is a place where all men edify, care and help one another. It is important to have a Christ-centered brotherly relationship.

Encouragement and Change

Vincent Law

My Testimony

I have never attended a church's Men ministry before, but out of curiosity I wanted to give it a try. In Men ministry, we share deep thoughts and testimonies to encourage one another, and it really changes my mindset. I will definitely recommend other men to join, as it is really fun and interesting.

Strengthened in Christ for My Family

Issac Moh

My Testimony

Coming to CMC Men ministry, i am able to learn from Elders & Bros how to become a better father & husband, also to share my own experience which might help others too. It changes me when i learn to use words from the bible to be a better man. I will recommend to join the Men ministry to learn, share and help one another.

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If you are inspired by the testimony, or have any need feel free to message us, we will contact you soon !

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