Indian International Service

Sunday 8.30 am to 10 am (CT Hub, #11-11 Mt of Olives)


Welcome to City Missions Indian International Church.

We believe that every person truly matters to God and is created and called for a purpose. One of the values we believe in is “Being Relational” and “Value every person” because each of us matters to the Lord.

And it doesn’t matter at what stage of life you’re in – CMII has something to offer you. You will be blessed by the warm friendships of the international expats and the community the church would provide. If you are looking for a place to belong we would say “Make this Your Home”.

So visit us in one of our gatherings and discover your mission as we travel this journey of life together.
You will definitely Love it !

Rev John Britto and Shruthi are Pastors of City Missions Indian International Church in CT Hub, Singapore. They served in various capacities for 9 years before assuming the pastorate. Their mandates is the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and are committed to equipping believers for their work of ministry, Make an army of disciple for Christ with faith in God who will stand sold out for Christ, both locally and worldwide. They have a heart not only to support world missions, but to train and send missionaries into the market place into the nations.

Rev John Britto, Graduate of Rhema Bible Training Centre, Singapore, and is currently an instructor in Rhema bible training centre and also serves as Hon Secretary in the Executive board of Rhema Bible Training Centre Singapore. His solid Bible teaching style with humor and creativity causes spiritual truth to become reality in the lives of believers of all ages. A spirit of faith and an evangelistic heart characterize all aspects of their ministry.

They Live in Singapore with two Beautiful daughters Abiah and Abigail.

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